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We are back open!

Posted Sep 24, 2014. Filed under new, Now Open, fanupdate, enthusiast, updates, members, celebrity names. Leave a comment?

All previous members that were in the database have been kept. I will be sending out a formal email within the next day or so letting all of the current members know that we are back open.

I’m so happy about this! :D I hope this time is better than the last time when it comes to this site. There were too many issues last time!

Names & Being Rejected….

Posted Feb 5, 2012. Filed under new, updates, members, celebrity names. Leave a comment?

Recently, there have been a few people applying to join Dude That’s Me. While that makes me happy, they have not been doing it correctly and receiving rejection emails because of this.

Let me explain here how you would go about applying.
In the “Name” field you would put “Erin is the Captain Jack Sparrow of the WWW.”
In the URL field you would put your URL.
In the comments field you would put an x (because it shows that you read the rules) & where you have linked me on your website because I will check when I get the application.

It is THAT simple to apply and as long as the link is up when I receive the application and I see the link, you will be approved.

I am just tired of sending out “change your name” emails to people and have them never change their name so they eventually get rejected.

Now, if I find out that you didn’t read the rules, yet you put an x down in the comments section, I will reject you on the spot.

Anyway, it was getting on my nerves so I hope that this solves all of the issues. Thanks everyone!

Going to be more strict.

Posted Dec 25, 2011. Filed under . 1 comment.

There have been a lot of people recently that have been trying to apply either without reading the rules at all or just following some of the rules.
I am officially rejecting all applications (current and previous) that do not follow ALL of the rules. I will thoroughly look through all sites to see if I see a link, if not, I will send you a rejection email.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to email me at contact(at)mushie(dot)info.

Went through and checked members!

Posted Oct 25, 2011. Filed under new, enthusiast, updates, members. Leave a comment?

I will be doing this weekly from now on. I will go through and check the members I will go on your websites and make sure that you are linking me and that your site is still active.

I have also deleted a few members and quite a lot of you received emails about your domain or reading the rules. If you received these emails please let me know when you correct the issue and I will check to make sure you did correct the issue and I will make sure you are not deleted in the next check on the site.

Every Tuesday will be my “Check DudeThats Me Members Day” officially. So, if you are having issues between checks don’t hesitate to email me. Just make sure you change the “at” and “dot” to “@” and “.” and to remove the spaces before sending an email to the email address linked. :)

Thanks for reading. :)

Dude That’s Me!

Posted Feb 18, 2011. Filed under new, Now Open, fanupdate, enthusiast, updates, members. Leave a comment?

I have officially remodeled Dude That’s Me with the old layout! (:

Lillie of Unloveme.org was nice enough to install all of her files for me. I had to delete the old fanupdate and reinstall it because I had no idea how to upgrade it from Fanupdate 2.

Also, I have deleted all members (excluding myself) from the database so if you would like to be a member and get your favorite celebrity, now is the time to do it! (:

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