that's me!

01. Explaination

'Dude, that's me!' is a fun interactive where website owners may label themselves as a certain celebrity or fictional character. For example, if you apply for Megan Fox, your label would be:

"I am the Megan Fox of the WWW(or internet)."
You would get to put that label anywhere you want to! This is just a fun way to show off your favorite celebrity!
Disclaimer: Under NO circumstances are you allowed to pose as a celebrity.

02. Rules

Please read the rules, it is crucial that you do to get accepted:

01. First come first serve. This means that if the celebrity is taken by someone else already, you may not choose to be that celebrity. But, if that person's site is inactive, you may request a replacement.

02. Must have a website. We don't care how it looks or where it's hosted (as long as there's no annoying pop-ups). No social networking site will be accepted. Sorry for the slight inconvenience. (This includes Tumblr and bloggers. I will accept you if I know you though :D.)

03. You may only apply for one celebrity. I don't care if you have three thousand websites. One per person.

04. When accepted, you will have to link back to this site somewhere on your site. Whether it's somewhere on your 'about me,' or anywhere on the footer of your site, it doesn't matter. Just have us linked somewhere. (You can use the "I am the ______ of the WWW")

05. When applying, put an 'x' in the comments section so that I know you read the rules.

06. Make sure you check the "Full List" page to see if your celebrity is taken before applying!

07. If you need to change your information. Please do so here.

08. In "Comments" please leave the link to where you are going to link back to 'Dude, That's Me!'

09. Instead of entering your actual name, please enter your name in this format:

Your name goes here- Celebrity name goes here of the WWW.
Example: Erin is the Ashley Tisdale of the WWW.

03. Apply

Please use the form below for joining the fanlisting. Please hit the submit button only once. Your entry is fed instantly into the database, and your email address is checked for duplicates. Passwords are encrypted into the database and will not be seen by anyone else other than you. If left blank, a password will be generated for you.

If you encounter problems, please feel free to .

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04. Changing your information

To change your information, please go here:

If you've lost your password, please go here:

If you want to remove yourself from the site, please go here: